The Green Bank Academy will host a variety of presenters, including three keynote speakers: Congressman Chris Van Hollen, Commissioner Daniel Esty, and Chairman of Energy and Finance for New York Richard Kauffman.

In his keynote address, Congressman Van Hollen will announce details of his soon-to-be introduced federal Green Bank legislation. He plans to introduce the bill in the coming weeks after the event, incorporating input from Green Bank Academy attendees.

In one of his final appearances as Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), Commissioner Esty will describe how Connecticut created a new, more efficient model to support clean energy that fosters private sector growth and can be replicated in any state.

Richard Kauffman, current Chairman of Energy and Finance for New York and former Senior Advisor to Secretary Steven Chu at the U.S. Department of Energy, will lead a discussion on how to build strategic alignment between a green bank and existing state energy policies, incentives and organizations.

For interviews and press opportunities at the event, please contact Lisa.Sundeen@gmail.com.